Hackathon, but we do it better. Brought to you by USC.

Waitlist applications for USC students are open at hacksc.com

Welcome to Los Angeles, the warm and beautiful city of angels and dreamers. In the heart of Downtown LA this April 12-14, you are invited to a 36-hour technology hackathon that seeks to change the future of our beloved city. Alongside 800+ hackers and designers, you will re-imagine what a 21st-century city should look like and apply your ideas to the test.

We hope you will join us at HackSC 2019!

This year's Verticals:

Everything's gotta start somewhere. With a team, you come in with, or one you make while at HackSC, establish working relationships which will extend long past the weekend of April 12. Under 'Entrepreneurship,' we want to establish a space where you can create products, not projects, with VC funding as a nice way to kick it off.

You're in LA, what did you expect? We're not looking for Ryan Gosling's replacement, his spot is full. However, there is plenty of room in regards to other tech developments across all fields: music, gaming, and interactive media, and naturally film and VFX.

It's about time someone invented teleportation... or effective LA public transit. You decide. Mobility comes in many ways besides current public transit and ridesharing programs, and so it's up to you to take the initiative to develop new advances in transportation in an increasingly globalized world.


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All student participants must be full-time or part-time university or college students during Spring 2019. All student participants must be 18 years or older at the time of the event. 


Teams must submit a list of members, including mentors, upon submitting their project by Sunday, April 14th, 2019 at 8 am. Any modifications after that must be approved by the organizers. Single-person teams are allowed, but we encourage you to work in groups! Teams are limited to 4 people!

How to enter

Waitlist applications for USC students are open at hacksc.com




Judging Criteria

  • To Be Announced
    Full judging criteria will be announced closer to event date.